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Why are members so crucial to the stores?

Data from JD members shows that the unit price of a member is more than twice compared to the average customer, and the conversion rate is nearly three times compared to the entire store population.

Nowadays, with so many stores, users can be very selective. Once a customer chooses to become a merchant member, it means that they will become a "loyal fan".

Loyal members are often willing to share information about product experiences and events with their friends. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising.

Old store celebrations, new store openings, new product shelves, and other activities all need customers to attend. Members are the easiest to call to participate in activities among the customers.

Members are loyal/stable customers for the store and can continue to consume sustainably. Only regular customers can ensure the stability of your business.

Members are encouraged to save up first and take specific discounts and special offers for members. This approach can alleviate short-term financial difficulties in your business.

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Interact with members, both online and offline.

Interactive games to make marketing more fun

Combined with holidays, hot topics, the most popular movies, and TV dramas, GoStar can provide interactive games, seize the widespread issues, and promote members' activities.


Membership level, birthday care, reflecting the sense of prestige for the members

Pinpoint high-value members and issue gold membership cards that reveal their status. Distribute birthday gifts to members to make them feel cared for and valued by your shop.


Bonus points for completing missions

Members can earn extra points by completing some tasks. Tasks such as writing positive reviews on food websites and forwarding information for merchant events can quickly increase your store's reputation and exposure.


Our Clients

For now, the clients for GoStar are all over the world. GoStar provides comprehensive operational services for tens of thousands of enterprises.

We offer a wide variety of membership cards::

You can choose whatever you want, which depending on your business type.

  • Stored value Card
  • Point System
  • Discount Card
  • Gift Card
  • Punch Card